Welcome to the MVPC Every Day Bible Reading Challenge Companion Blog

bible“Give me understanding according to your word.” – Ps. 119:169b

God’s word is the source of true wisdom for our lives and an unshakeable resource for having understanding. But there can be times in our lives when we read something and struggle to understand either the meaning or depth of what God intended. This brief resource is an attempt to help guide your weekly times in scripture and to help focus you on God and His word. The hope is that this is a starting point for you, an entry into a deeper study of scripture. Some weeks will touch on major themes, some weeks will focus in on a particular book, and some weeks will touch on all the readings.

We also highly recommend you take a look at the Read Scripture videos, as you see below, which provide a brief video overview of books of the Bible to help you understand the themes and ideas of what you’ll be reading.

God’s word is incredibly powerful, and our prayer is that as you spend more time in it, you become more familiar with the God who loves you and gave His word for you. May God bless you as you spend time in His word, learning more about Him and growing in Him.


Week 3 – Jan 15-21


Jan 15 Gen 16, Matt 15, Neh 5

Jan 16 Gen 17, Matt 16, Neh 6

Jan 17 Gen 18, Matt 17, Neh 7

Jan 18 Gen 19, Matt 18, Neh 8

Jan 19 Gen 20, Matt 19, Neh 9

Jan 20 Gen 21, Matt 20, Neh 10

Jan 21 Gen 22, Matt 21, Neh 11

God’s grace (undeserved, unmerited favor) is on full display in these passages as we read this week. Despite all evidence to the contrary, and in spite of their “help”, God gives Abraham and Sarah a son, a son through which all nations would come to be blessed. In Matthew we journey with Jesus as he makes his way to Jerusalem, showing mercy to many along the way as he heals them. Even in the midst of several seemingly harsh statements by Jesus we come to understand that salvation comes to us through God’s grace alone. And in Nehemiah 8, we see the grace of God revealed in His word as God’s people spend days rejoicing at the listening of God’s word. What incredible grace that the God of the universe chooses to reveal Himself to us through His word and invites us to meet Him each day. Take time this week to thank God for His grace freely given to you.

Week 2 – Jan 8-14


Jan 8      Gen 8, Matt 8, Ezra 8

Jan 9      Gen 9‐10, Matt 9, Ezra 9

Jan 10   Gen 11, Matt 10, Ezra 10

Jan 11   Gen 12, Matt 11, Neh 1

Jan 12   Gen 13, Matt 12, Neh 2

Jan 13   Gen 14, Matt 13, Neh 3

Jan 14   Gen 15, Matt 14, Neh 4

One of the central elements of Christian life is faith and here in these chapters this week we see faith being put into action. Noah acted on faith to build the ark and God brought him through the flood while Abram left his home on faith and journey to a land that God would show him. Throughout our readings in Matthew take special care to notice people placing their faith in Jesus and how he responded. And finally, as we move into Nehemiah think about the faith that it took for him to come forward to the king with his bold request, which ultimately was granted. Our faith in God for life and salvation is foundational, but we’re called into a life of continual faith in God and His promises. Where is God asking you to follow Him in faith this week?

Week 1 – Jan 1-7

newJan 1      Gen 1, Matt 1, Ezra 1

Jan 2      Gen 2, Matt 2, Ezra 2

Jan 3      Gen 3, Matt 3, Ezra 3

Jan 4      Gen 4, Matt 4, Ezra 4

Jan 5      Gen 5, Matt 5, Ezra 5

Jan 6      Gen 6, Matt 6, Ezra 6

Jan 7      Gen 7, Matt 7, Ezra 7

As we kick off our year of everyday Bible reading, our focus for this week is new beginnings. Each of these readings showcase a new beginning in the Bible that is vitally important to the work that God is doing in our world. Genesis starts us off with the ultimate new beginning as God creates the world and everything in it. Matthew opens his book with a genealogy that traces the bloodline of Christ back to this Genesis beginning and continues on to showcase the start of Jesus’ earthly ministry, which is the beginning of the new covenant in Christ. Ezra is the story of how God restored his people to the Promised Land, helped them to rebuild His temple, and shows us the beginning of how that happened. This week as we think about beginnings, ask God what new things He might be beginning in your life.