Welcome to the MVPC Every Day Bible Reading Challenge Companion Blog

bible“Give me understanding according to your word.” – Ps. 119:169b

God’s word is the source of true wisdom for our lives and an unshakeable resource for having understanding. But there can be times in our lives when we read something and struggle to understand either the meaning or depth of what God intended. This brief resource is an attempt to help guide your weekly times in scripture and to help focus you on God and His word. The hope is that this is a starting point for you, an entry into a deeper study of scripture. Some weeks will touch on major themes, some weeks will focus in on a particular book, and some weeks will touch on all the readings.

We also highly recommend you take a look at the Read Scripture videos, as you see below, which provide a brief video overview of books of the Bible to help you understand the themes and ideas of what you’ll be reading.

God’s word is incredibly powerful, and our prayer is that as you spend more time in it, you become more familiar with the God who loves you and gave His word for you. May God bless you as you spend time in His word, learning more about Him and growing in Him.


Week 28 – July 9-15

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Jul 9 Josh 11, Ps 144, Jer 5

Jul 10 Josh 12‐13, Ps 145, Jer 6

Jul 11 Josh 14‐15, Ps 146‐147, Jer 7

Jul 12 Josh 16‐17, Ps 148, Jer 8

Jul 13 Josh 18‐19, Ps 149‐150, Jer 9

Jul 14 Josh 20‐21, Acts 1, Jer 10

Jul 15 Josh 22, Acts 2, Jer 11

When taken as whole, the story of the Bible is one of an almighty God relating to His people, from their creation, to His calling, to their redemption though His son, and finally, to their glorification for all eternity with Him. This week, we read through Joshua and see God intimately involved in the day-to-day affairs of His people, in Psalms we see all the reasons why we should praise Him for His care for us, and in Acts we see how God established His church, of which we are now a part.  All of these should lead us to a greater and deeper appreciation that the God that has created everything still desires to have a relationship with us and has taken steps to make that possible, even to the point of indwelling us with His spirit. As you read this week, reflect on God’s love and care for you and give Him thanks for the gift of a relationship with Him.

Week 27 – July 2-8

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Jul 2 Josh 4, Ps 129‐131, Isa 64

Jul 3 Josh 5, Ps 132‐134, Isa 65

Jul 4 Josh 6, Ps 135‐136, Isa 66

Jul 5 Josh 7, Ps 137‐138, Jer 1

Jul 6 Josh 8, Ps 139, Jer 2

Jul 7 Josh 9, Ps 140‐141, Jer 3

Jul 8 Josh 10, Ps 142‐143, Jer 4

Embarking on a journey of obedience to God is one that is fraught with many obstacles, some of our own making and some as a result of others. But as we see in all of our readings this week, no matter how difficult our journey may seem, if God is the one leading us, and if we commit to be fully obedient, we will succeed. However, we have to understand that success often looks different in our view when compared with Gods view. In Joshua we read of the Israelites taking Jericho successfully and nod our heads, thinking yes, that is success. But in Jeremiah we see a prophet who was a failure in those terms. Yet he was consistently faithful to God and because of that is considered a success. What kind of a journey of obedience is God calling you to and are you certain of His presence, no matter how successful you feel? Pray this week that God will give you a renewed sense of His presence and peace as you journey in obedience to Him.

Week 26 – Jun 25-Jul 1

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Jun 25 Deut 30, Ps 119:73‐96, Isa 57

Jun 26 Deut 31, Ps 119:97‐120, Isa 58

Jun 27 Deut 32, Ps 119:121‐144, Isa 59

Jun 28 Deut 33‐34, Ps 119:145‐176, Isa 60

Jun 29 Josh 1, Ps 120‐122, Isa 61

Jun 30 Josh 2, Ps 123‐125, Isa 62

Jul 1 Josh 3, Ps 126‐128, Isa 63

God’s word has innumerable benefits and it is our hope and prayer that this week as you hit the halfway point of a year of reading through the Bible, you have seen some of them in your life. Take some time this week to reflect back on the previous 25 weeks and how God has revealed himself to you through His word. Perhaps, as the Israelites did in the chapters in Deuteronomy, you want to remember some of the great things God has done for you. Or maybe you want to look forward, as Isaiah does, to a time when God will ultimately rule and judge the world by His word. In all things, whether past, present, or future, we know that God’s word stands and that it will never fail. May the promise of His word and the remembrance of his actions give you joy this week.

Week 25 – Jun 18-24

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Jun 18 Deut 23, Ps 112‐113, Isa 50

Jun 19 Deut 24, Ps 114‐115, Isa 51

Jun 20 Deut 25, Ps 116, Isa 52

Jun 21 Deut 26, Ps 117‐118, Isa 53

Jun 22 Deut 27, Ps 119:1‐24, Isa 54

Jun 23 Deut 28, Ps 119:25‐48, Isa 55

Jun 24 Deut 29, Ps 119:49‐72, Isa 56

Sin has consequences. Surely if you’ve lived for any amount of time in the world today you see this reality played out all around you, and yet it is a concept that we still seem to have trouble totally grasping. In Deuteronomy God outlines specific consequences for specific sins, showing us how seriously he takes any and all wrongdoing. And in Psalms we see how holy and righteous God is, helping us get an accurate picture of the offense of sin in the face of God who is without any sin. Isaiah shows us how we cannot save ourselves, but instead are dependent on God for our salvation. He alone can pay for, forgive, and give peace in the midst of our sin. As you read this week may you be aware of your sin, and even more so aware of God’s great love for you in the midst of your sin.

Week 24 – Jun 11-17

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Jun 11 Deut 16, Ps 103, Isa 43

Jun 12 Deut 17, Ps 104, Isa 44

Jun 13 Deut 18, Ps 105, Isa 45

Jun 14 Deut 19, Ps 106, Isa 46

Jun 15 Deut 20, Ps 107, Isa 47

Jun 16 Deut 21, Ps 108‐109, Isa 48

Jun 17 Deut 22, Ps 110‐111, Isa 49

A life lived in service to God will stand out. In Deuteronomy we see how God gives laws and makes provisions so that His people will not fall into sin like those countries that will surround them in the promised land. The Psalmist extols God’s greatness and even just the thought of how incredible God is makes him want to tell others about Him. And Isaiah talks about the distinctiveness of serving God and how it sets up such a contrast with the world of idolatry all around. As you read this week, reflect on your life and how much or little is different from the world around you. Are you living a life dedicated to service to God or are there other forces in your life that you instead are yielding your life to? Pray and think about what living a life wholly dedicated to God might look like for you and then resolve to begin making some changes to head in that direction.

Week 23 – Jun 4-10

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Jun 4 Deut 8, Ps 91, Isa 36

Jun 5 Deut 9, Ps 92‐93, Isa 37

Jun 6 Deut 10, Ps 94, Isa 38

Jun 7 Deut 11, Ps 95‐96, Isa 39

Jun 8 Deut 12, Ps 97‐98, Isa 40

Jun 9 Deut 13‐14, Ps 99‐101, Isa 41

Jun 10 Deut 15, Ps 102, Isa 42

It should be obvious, but the passages that we read this week serve as clear reminders that we are not the ones either in charge or control. God is. In Deuteronomy the people of Israel get antsy when Moses has some extended time with God away from them so they make a golden calf to worship and in the process are reminded that God himself has saved them, not their money, power, or possessions. That is a message repeated by the Psalmist, declaring that not only is God the only source of refuge and rest, but also that He alone is worth of honor and praise. And the passages in Isaiah show both in narrative and prophecy that God is in control of all things, never leaving or forsaking us no matter how bleak our circumstances get. So this week, as you read, and more importantly, as you live, remember that God is in control and with you.

Week 22 – May 28-Jun 3

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May 28 Deut 1, Ps 81‐82, Isa 29

May 29 Deut 2, Ps 83‐84, Isa 30

May 30 Deut 3, Ps 85, Isa 31

May 31 Deut 4, Ps 86‐87, Isa 32

Jun 1 Deut 5, Ps 88, Isa 33

Jun 2 Deut 6, Ps 89, Isa 34

Jun 3 Deut 7, Ps 90, Isa 35

Good leaders point their people in the correct direction and help them get to the destination safely. Deuteronomy is Moses’ farewell address to the people as he attempts to do just this. He calls the people to be faithful to the covenants of God, to obey God’s laws, and to joyful possess the land God has given them. Isaiah echoes this message, though in a slightly different way. There is a call to return to God’s promises, to faithful living, and to obedience to God’s commands. But none of this is possible apart from the help of God himself, which is the main message of the Psalms we’ll read this week. As you spend time with God this week, think about the places that He’s calling you to faithful obedience and then cry out to Him for help in following through on that.